punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Golden Bullet

I got shot today, metaphorically speaking.

I always said layoffs at my company were like being under sniper fire in a village; you never knew when or who. But since I started working for technologies in my department, the layoffs have been fairly seasonal: Septembers, Decembers, and a few in late January-February to get the stragglers. I always knew that being laid off was never connected to job performance, so I stopped taking it personally a while back. I always said it was not a matter of if, but when, and today... it was my turn.

They sacked our whole department.

But... it's not totally awful. I have 30 days of employment left with literally nothing to do. They told us to shut down all our equipment, stop issuing reports, and that people involved in our projects have been told we are no longer working with them. They literally said, "Use these 30 days to find another job in the company." That's more than they have given most. Of course, our whole division is under a hiring freeze which I have not been told lasts at least 2 months. I could find jobs in other divisions, but, see, technology is all I know currently. Can you see me in marketing? Yeesh.

After Oct 13th, if we still haven't found a job, they give us a standard severance package, some small "thank you gifts," and a reference in good standing. Yippie.

So it's not total doom and gloom, but I think getting laid off has rounded this year pretty nicely as ranking up there with 2001, 1991, and 1987 as being the worst years of my life. Oh, I am sure it will get worse in some way, but I can't do anything about that.

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