punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Golden Bullet-time in the Matrix

Holy crap. Amazing. Fucking A.

In a move far more complex and privately finagled than I can put in a public blog, they hired me back. For the SA position I wanted in the first place. Hiring freeze be damned, apparently. Not only do I get to stay in the same company with all the benefits and everything, but I got a raise, and start tomorrow.


Apparently, they were "impressed by my professionalism." I am not kidding, that's what one of the bigwigs in HR told me. I don't think I am any more professional than the next guy, so I am left wondering... oh, who cares. I am still employed! Yippie!

Truly unbelievable.

Oh, and to add the the chaos of the moment, they are moving our whole department to another building closer to my house, right next to Dulles Airport.

In Tarot, they would call this "The Wheel of Fortune."

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