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More on the new location

My office move will be done by Tuesday. Then we move to a new building in October. A lot of stuff at work has involved shutting stuff down from the old department, and moving some equipment to my new one (I am taking a lot of the hardware to my new department because ... well, the old department no longer exists). I also took a lot of the links and suggestions for jobs people sent me to my ex-coworkers.

We had a meeting today where they released the a map of new building we'll be moving to in early October. I't's a cube farm, so I am going to get a Cubedoor, and possibly a webcam so I can see what's behind me. Sadly, these desks will be facing away from the door, and that makes me a bit jumpy. Thankfully, the walls are going to be at least 5 feet high. I say that because the walls in our Dulles campus are only about 3-4 feet high, making privacy almost nonexistent. We're inheriting the furniture from the previous tenant, and then when we move to our final destination across the street in 2-6 months (depending on construction). Window locations were given based on group seniority, which, sadly, I am not.

Comment from new coworker: "You like Legos too? Cool!" Heh. Little does he know...

I will be seeing "Hero" tonight to celebrate, and eat food at the Outback. Yum!

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