punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tornado! Or two... or four...

Well, as I type this, I am between bands of weather and the remnants of Hurricane Ivan spin dozens of tornados all around our area. One touched down about a mile away from here, hitting the movie theater we were going to see "Hero" at (no reports of damage, if any, this was someone calling into a radio station). I think MOST of what has hit within a few miles of my house have been piddling weak ones, breaking limbs off of tress, blowing lawn furniture about, but nothing really big yet.

I also heard a tornado hit my work, the main building in Dulles, but again, eyewitness on radio, no reports of damage given (if any).

Christine and I were eating at the Outback when we heard the news of tondaro warnings (which are different from watches in the fact they have been seen), so we rushed home and stayed with CR, watching TV. Well, I had to stop watching TV, because it was freaking me out. They are mainly causing a lot of damage to our north as I type this. They already have some footage of tornandoes touching down. Some have been MASSIVE, but that's out near Frederick about 30mi north.

Everytime I hear a roar, I think, "Ah! It's coming!" But it's always a plane or a truck or something. I mean, Northern VA is getting hit HARD by dozens of these things. I hope when this is all over, it was all an exaggeration. Another band is coming our way from Front Royal and Winchester. Should hit here in about 20-30 min. So far, THAT band has been nothing but rain, but you never know...

I hate fear. Fear lies. Stupid fear...

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