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Moving on up...

Well, my new boss is away on training today, so I am finishing up my office move. What a lot of CRAP I have! I mean, most of it does not go with me, but I have to sort what goes with me and what doesn't. I have a lot of paperwork I can toss now, and I have a ton of computer equipment I am ditching to the old group.

It's kind of weird, going through all the old projects and paperwork. Oh, look, there's the customs paperwork for that Hong Kong server that was gutted and ruined by the Chinese border guards. And here's a server that used to host a webcam (as an experiment at a remote location where we had security issues - the camera was never installed). Tons of reimbursements when the company used to buy me books I needed. Reports going back to pre-Y2K, as part of a backup plan. Notes from tons of meetings, now 90% of them useless. A lot of install CDs.

My stomach still hurts from Saturday, and I have a roaring headache, and it's hard to see the monitor as I type. I am not sure if the crab cakes were bad, or went bad on the time between the tornado scares and when ate them. I am betting they went bad in my stomach because of the nerves. My stomach muscles are sore like I have been punched several times by bullies, and it's hard to get up from a sitting position.

Oh, and I just heard Baltimore is on fire. Well, underground, so far. This makes the second time this has happened in 4 years. The last time was that disastrous Otakon many years ago, when the heat of the fire burst out all the fireplugs around the convention center just as they evacuated.

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