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Food I Cannot Stand

There are a few things I hate in life I wish I didn't. I have food allergies, like a lot of veggies (corn, asparagus, brussel sprouts), beans, curry, eggs (which I love, but they don't love me), and some dairy (see eggs). But here is a list of foods that, as far as I know, I am not allergic to, but I just hate and I feel guilty about it.

Vinegar. Honestly, anything with a lot of vinegar in it tastes like something spoiled, and when vinegar is not diluted by something else (like tomatoes ketchup), it gives me the heaves. Like relish, vinaigrette salad dressing, and in fact, MOST salad dressings (and dips) literally spawn the gag reflex, like I was swallowing something I vomited into my own mouth. It is truly vile, and this always tops my list because I think there is something seriously wrong with my taste buds and I am trying to talk some sense into them.

Raisins. I think I have a texture issue with these, because the taste, while sweet, seems too sweet, but I can't get over how much they look like rabbit pellets. I don't gag when I eat raisins, but I really dislike their presence in cookies, muffins, and definitely out of the box. I have tried, on several occasions, to try liking them, but I just can't. Raisins always seemed like someone was trying to trick me into thinking they were chocolate chips, although in reality, no one has ever tried to do this to me that I know of.

Coconut. Blecch. The "milk" tastes like water, and the meat is far too complicated to get to, and it always tastes like earwax. Even artificial coconut. I feel really bad about this for some reason.

Avocados. See raisins. Except the muffin parts. Sometimes I'll eat avocado-based dip, but only if the chips are salty and good enough to cover the texture element.

Plums. Too sweet and messy.

Potato chips. Too greasy, salty, eucch. I don't care what flavor, but "sour cream and onion" and "salt and vinegar" have to be the worst ever.

Any artificially cheese-flavored snack. Like Cheetos, Cheese Doritos, Cheezits, Cheez Whiz, etc...

Any spicy food "snack." Like Slim Jims, Hot Fries, etc...

Lobster. Actually, I can eat it, but for the price, it tastes only like what I dip it in; it has NO taste of its own. Shrimp has taste. Crabs have taste. Hell, even fishes have taste. But lobster, to me, is completely tasteless, unless dipped in garlic and herb sauce, then it tastes like garlic and herb sauce, and if I want to taste garlic and herb sauce, I can just use bread. And it tastes better.

I know someone of you are thinking, "You're crazy, I *LOVE* [blah blah]..." and I know it, I am crazy. And over the years, I have expanded my love of different foods, but for the most part, the foods above I can't get over.

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