punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Worldcon bid musings

I had this idea...

Worldcon in Iceland.

No, wait, come back! Okay, I searched the web, and no, there doesn't seem to be a prevalent science fiction community in Iceland. But its location is very convenient. Almost right between Europe and North America, it has a good travel time (4-5 from either side), has a lot of Viking history (fanboys and girls like Vikings, right?), and a what a cool-ass, sci-fi alien set backdrop! Volcanoes! Glaciers! Hot pools of water right next to snowbanks.

Seriously, have you ever seen the view from Keflavik Airport? Right out of Star Trek.

I started looking around, and the hotel situation is a bit grim. Currently, the largest hotel capacity I could find was 209 rooms, and when you add that with all the other major hotels in the biggest city, Reykjavik, it came to just under 1000 rooms. That doesn't seem like much.

I took at look here to see considerations at running a Worldcon. I ran into problems with a few of them.

Pros: Exotic location, midway point between Europe and North America, plenty to do and see, friendly people, the cool Viking element.

Cons: Hotels not big enough, "Conference Centre and Hotel" not built yet, and when built, may not house more than 600. Iceland population 250,000... an additional 6000 fanboys may tip the island on its side. It's also a bit expensive, like Japan, because they import almost everything.

Oh well. I thought it seemed too good to be true.

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