punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weird Names

I was listening to some show on the Science Channel about Social Engineering, and I heard the old fable about someone leaving the name Mr. Lemonjello (pronounced Leh-MON-juh-lo), when I remembered an interesting name back in my retail days.

When I was a furniture store manager, one of my jobs was to go over weekly orders to see who would get their stuff delivered so I could do a follow-up. One week, I was looking over people would be doing parking lot pickups (truck arrives in mall parking lot, furniture picked up by customer), and I was shocked to see what my assistant had called one of them:

Customer Name: Female Moron.

Uh.. uh... uh... what??? My assistant explained that was his name. It was pronounced "feh-MAL-lee moh-ROHN." I made a note on the ticket. When the pickup happened, we had to check customer ID to make sure it was their stuff. Sure enough, French Guiana Passport (or some French speaking African nation) said "Female Moron," with an accent over the last e. He was aware of the name issue in English, but said it doesn't bother him anymore. "At least you took the time to pronounce it right," he said.

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