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Perl - Perl Class

I almost forgot, this week, I am in "Advanced Perl Training" at work, which I took because I felt that the specs for the "basic" class were a waste of time with what I know so far (the first two days are on installing and syntax structure alone). I hope I don't go there and it's over my head.

Actually, I doubt it. I mean, God love where I work, but I have been to several classes where it was supposedly "advanced" and there's always a handful of people who barely know what they are taking, much less being "advanced" at it.

Many years ago, I was sent to Chelmsford (near Boston) to take a certification class on a mutiple call center load balancing software package called "Geotel" (now Cisco ICR). The prerequisites for the class were long:

- Good knowledge of Windows NT, from setup to administration (MCSE preferred)
- Good knowledgeof MS SQL Server, from setup to administration
- Good knowledge of your call center switches (mine was Aspect) with full "root" access
- Advanced math and logic skills

This was no walk in the park. Sadly, when I got there, out of the 15 people there:

- 5 were "instructors in training"
- 6 didn't even come close to the prerequisites
- Which left 4 of us who were serious about the class, and getting the cert at the end

The 5 instructors sort of knew the software, but didn't take the class too seriously, since they were there to learn HOW to teach the class, and so after 2 days, they sort of bailed or wandered off. But it was those 6 goofs that ruined the class for the rest of us. At least 3 of the students had never seen Windows NT before, another guy didn't have access to his switches (they were owned by an outsourcer) which kind of defeats the point of switch management software, and I think the other two were just in the class to get out of work. After a very frustrating Day 1 (of 5), the rest of the time, the 6 goofs gave up, and hung out in back of the class, IM'ing, chatting on cell phones, and making frequent trips back and forth to the snack room. I had never been to a class since high school where the instructor had to constantly ask the people in the back to be quiet of keep it down. I wished he had given up on them, and kept on with the rest of us, but he did his best to keep the people in the back on topic. Which meant all of us suffered, and by Day 5, we were too far behind to take the cert exam.

I went back to work the next week, with a deep letter of apology from Geotel, along with a voucher for another free class/cert program "with priority" (which means you could bump others out of the class to show up). My boss at the time said "I can't lose you for another week," and so I never got the cert.


I'm probably going to blab about the class all week here, post nifty Perl things, and so on. Stay tuned!
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