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A blow to the head, and you're in pain ... you give concussions a bad name...

I know TV isn't supposed to be real, but I am really getting sick of the liberal misuse of concussions in movies and TV. Recently, while watching an old Peel/Steed episode of "The Avengers," I swear to God, I saw half a dozen people receive blows to the head and get knocked unconscious from injuries that, had I received, I would have only gone, "Owww ... hey, you bastard, that fuckin' hurt!". From personal experience, if you get banged in the head hard enough to pass out, you don't wake up "a little groggy." You have nausea, dizziness, and that's it for you for at least a day. A concussion is caused when your brain receives such a shock, it swells in your skull and cuts off blood supply to various parts. It is a VERY bad thing, and can kill you. Here are some links my friend April sent me:



And don't get me started on gunshot wounds... ever heard of hydrostatic shock?

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