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Weekend wrapup - New work, Renn Fest, and more...

This weekend had some interesting tidbits.

My last day in the Reston office ended short when they almost pushed us out with a large broom. We were supposed to work until 5, but they just started shutting everything down, and people gave up and went home. Christine went out with Gay Friday night, which left me at home to clean up some. My den was looking pretty bad, so I started on that. I got all my computer repairs done, balanced some bills, and then watched some of the Presidential debates.

Man, I wonder if Kerry says in his head, "I can't believe I am losing to this guy!" I don't get much into heavy politics, but man... I wonder about Bush. I can't find much nice to say about him. Kerry is my hamster, and that's all I am going to say about that.

Saturday was more boring errands, although Christine and I went to my new workplace. I go more about it, in all boring detail, in my tech blog. But all my stuff was there, and I didn't care much for my new pod because it leaves my back exposed to a major hallway. But it's only for a few months before we move to our permanent location, anyway.

Sunday, Christine and I went with Matt and Anya to the Renn Fest. Matt and Anya are so fannish, it's not even funny, but they had never been to a fannish event like the Renn Fest or any convention. They had a GREAT time there. Matt is REALLY a nice guy, such a gentleman. Most of the Fest, CR and I wandered around by ourselves. I got to spend some quality time with him, which is always a good thing. In 4 more years, he'll be out on his own. :( He's such a great person, it's amazing I am even related to him.

I didn't meet many people. I met Mike, Liz, John, Doug, Tiger (and Llama), Lori, and ... that's about it. I didn't see Casey, Pie, or a lot of the regulars. They could have been there, but didn't see me. Even my new boss was there, and we missed each other. It was GREAT to see Lori (from the Bee Folks) so busy. I have known her since ... man, since Prune Bran. I got some new Echinacea Honey and picked up a half gallon of Blueberry honey for Cheryl (she's paying us back).

The main reason to go was that it was "Renew Your Vows" weekend. Which we did. It was held in front of the church there, and it was a nice ceremony with some poetry, two musical numbers, and some very nice speech. The PA system was really hard to hear, but luckily, they gave us all handouts to read along. Matt and Anya, Christine and I, and some drunk redneck and his wife were crowded near the back next to a tree. The drunk was constantly making jokes about marriage, escape, and things I am sure he thought was funny. I found it mildly annoying, but I tried not to let it get to me. Poor Anya was right in front of him, though, and caught a lot of comments he meant to say under his breath, had he not leaned forward to Anya's right ear and kept jostling her.

Matt and Anya discovered for this first time, in mild shock, that we not only were in our early and mid 30s, we also had been married for 15 and a half years. They said it wouldn't last 2 years, and maybe for other people they might have been right, but we're still together, and I think more in love than before, which was pretty incoceivable back then. I loved Christine to the point most women would get restraining orders for, but she still loves me, even though I am sure I come off as nerdy-creepy.

Monday was back to work, not a holiday for anyone but CR. Work was erratic, because people were setting up after the move to Sterling. Monday also marked the day everyone else from my old team got laid off :(.

Bummer. I miss you guys.

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