punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I am wearing my Doc Martens again.

I wasn't wearing them for the last month because my bootlace snapped, and then when I got a new bootlace, it was too short. Yesterday, I got some bright red ones of the proper length at Five Below, and now I look snazzy with my Doc Martens with bright red bootlaces. Yeah!

If you recall, I started wearing these Docs at the beginning of the year, with the intent on reviewing how long they lasted. I have to confess, a few months ago, I got some really nice comfy Nikes for $25 at a discount store while looking for something else. I wore those to Gencon, because I felt I needed more "running shoe" type of shoes for all the walking. I got a blister anyway, but I think it would have been worse with the Docs. Then I wore them for a month while getting around to getting new boot laces.

Last week, I stubbed my toe twice and dropped something on my foot pretty hard. Luckily the drop didn't hurt as much as it could have, but it reminded me of why I wear steel tips. I knew I should work on getting proper bootlaces. Funny, my feet aren't as big as they were. These Docs feel postively roomy, now, and my laces are tighter than they used to be.

They are holding up, I must say. By now, most shoes have cracked or the sole has worn through. If these last until next year, they cost as much as new shoes I used to get every 6 months, and if they last longer... I'll be a happy guy.

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