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Some of the STUPIDEST advice I ever got as a kid was "look it up in the dictionary" when I asked a grown-up how to spell something. I was SURE this was a code for, "I don't know, but won't admit it to a kid." Try looking up "pneumatic" sometime when you are 10. I recall, when I asked an adult what a demigod was, I was "corrected" with "You mean, 'demagogue,' which means someone who becomes a leader by appealing to emotional reactions." No, you twit, I meant demigod! Later, I pointed out to the adult that demigod meant someone who was have god, half mortal, often used in Greek or Roman mythology. "It's pronounced 'demagogue,'" she replied with a patronizing smile, and I nearly lost it.

So a while ago, when I asked someone how to spell "soiree," meaning late social party, I was told by someone, "It's pronounced 'suave,' and it means handsome or sophisticated. You must be thinking of that song, 'Rico, Suave,' aren't you?"


But of course, all day while cleaning, I was thinking, "Reeeeeeco.... soooiree...."

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