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Weekend wrapup - Scary movies, good parties, and goth bellydancing?

This was a pretty good weekend.

It started on Friday, where I got off work, joined a cult, and shaved my head. Okay, no, just kidding. I never got off work.

In honesty, a few hours after work ended we met Anya and Matt at Starbucks in the Dulles Town. The plan was to meet Brad there as well, and then Anya, Christine, and Brad would see "The Grudge," while I would move to Iceland or anywhere else the movie wasn't playing.

I HATE scary movies. I won't even watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" because it has stalking scenes in it. It's not the monsters or gore that get me, it is the suspense. I can't even take suspense in non-horror movies, because my life is pretty unpredictable and scary, while the hell would I want to watch it happen to someone else? My parents took me to see, "Apocalypse Now" and "Alien" when I was a kid, and it messed me up good. I recall having many, many sleepless nights, convinced that a facehugger was on my bed, the Alien was lurking in the shadows, or Marlin Brando would star in another film.


So that meant Matt, CR, and I would go see "Team America," which I wasn't exactly stoked about seeing, but I heard it was funny, so I wasn't upset, either. At the last moment, CR decided to see "The Grudge," so I disowned him. No, not really. But I did suspect CR wouldn't sleep for the next few days.

Matt and I got to know each other a little more, which was nice, because he's this very nice, eager guy who is doing a help desk job currently. We traded rants, and then the film started. I didn't go to see "Team America" expecting it to be great, and so I wasn't too disappointed. I have to admit, I laughed out loud at certain places, shook my head in humorous disbelief at others, and had a pretty good time. I can't say the film really had any defining moment, except a pretty odd speech about dicks, pussies, and assholes. Funny soundtrack, too, like "American, Fuck Yeah!" and "Montage" were my favorites. And man, Parker and Stone must really hate Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin. The film never took itself seriously, though, so I didn't, either, and all in all, had a good time.

The other guys who went to see, "The Grudge," though? Had a miserable time. The most heard comment was, "The movie was really scary... I think... it was hard to tell because of the audience." This was opening night, and the audience was FILLED with teens, none of whom would sit still or keep quiet. It was so bad, that Anya complained, and everyone got free movie passes. But enough of the intended effect of the film got through, and scared Christine, Anya, and CR pretty badly, although their complaints towards the audience came in a close second.

Afterwards, Christine, CR, and I took Brad out to a birthday dinner at the Amphoras. The food was good, Brad told us stories about how busy he'd been, and how his roommate was moving out soon, and good riddance to that. Then we all had to go home. Brad's got a Saint Bernard he has to take care of, so he can't be away for very long.

Saturday we got ready for Sean's surprise party. CR did not sleep well, because he thought small kids with cat meows would get him. I slept like a baby, happy and confident in my decision NOT to see "The Grudge" because I knew it would scare me to the point of blithering idiocy. Christ, even the trailers gave me the creeps. And I am also glad I wasn't in the theater full of people who annoyed Brad to the point he had to get angry. Christine was not feeling well because she was being visited by the blood fairy, as my friend Suzi used to put it (and I still have that artwork on my den wall).

Since we had really deep-cleaned our house just last week, there wasn't much else to do but the usual tidying up. I used some of the spare time to assemble our new bed frame that we got in the mail on Friday. Some of you might remember that, in the midst of all of our calamities this year, we lost our bed frame somewhere in early spring. It collapsed, and he have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor now for more than half a year. Well, we got a new one from a builder on eBay, who said they were made from the metal of old railroad ties. I was doubtful because the photograph made it look like a regular bedframe. But when we got it, it was HEAVY! I put it together, and it's pretty sturdy. The top of our former dining room table, which also broke this year, is still serving as a headboard. If anything, we are resourceful.

Sean's party was so hard to plan, and because Sean is one of my many friends who knows what a bad liar I am, I told Christine and Louann to tell me NOTHING about the party, even the actual dates, although I figured it out from various clues that it was this weekend. So I didn't know until the day when it was, who was coming, or what we'd be doing. I only knew it would be at my house so he wouldn't suspect. Sean was blindfolded by his family and led in, although when he came, which was right on time, one a few of the guests were there. Sadly, his 3-year old cannot keep a secret, and his 6-year-old doesn't know how to shut up a 3-year-old effectively, so Sean knew what was going on before he got there.

The party lasted until about 2. Missie stayed the night with us.

Sunday, Christine was in much menstrual pain, and we slept until about 11. Sean came back with Scarlet and Keiran around 1, and helped clean up from the party as well as pick up he stuff. Then his van wouldn't start, so Chance and Louann had come jump start the van. I went back home with them because I was going to help Sean wire his house, but it was hopeless because where his server rack was versus the rest of his computers made it almost impossible to install wiring in in the walls without some major drilling, fishing, and attic crawling. Plus we'd have to work around at least 3 major load-bearing studs, and I didn't want to be responsible for fooling with that. I finally convinced Sean to go to wireless, and so he spent the rest of the time trying to get an 802.1b wireless router to work (a loan from work). By the time we went to get wireless cards, Best Buy was closed. He's getting cards online. So I came home, and watched TV.

As a side note, I was invited to see Goth Bellydancing at the Black Cat with Wednesday, although when I look on their site, I don't see it listed, so I am going to have to verify those dates and the Black Cat. I doubt I can go, anyway, because of it being a weeknight, but I haven't seen the Black Cat since the 1980s (I know, it moved), and I need to start fusing back into the Goth scene again after being away for so long. I won't know anyone, anymore, I am sure. But Count Zero is playing, and man... I like those guys. I didn't know they were still around, I haven't heard their stuff since... like 1998.

Gees, I am old. I saw Robert Smith on TV the other day, and wondered when he got so pudgy and spotted like a middle aged guy, and that's when it hit me I turn 36 next month. Yikes!

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