punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

We like dee mooooooooooooooooooon!

... because it is close to uhsss...

So, I originally thought the eclipse would only be viewable on the West coast, but I was corrected a few days ago, by an article that said it would be viewable here as well. I sorta half planned to look at it, but I wasn't serious about it. I saw one in 93.. 94, somewhere around there (when I was living in the projects in Reston), and it was slow, and the moon turned a dark brown, and... well, whoopie. And I have been bummed that every solar eclipse I have "seen" was either clouded out or I wasn't allowed outside at the time because I worked in a mall.

Me = bitter.

So I made some joke about dragons eating the moon (a spoof of the "dragon eating the sun" story from Chinese legends) and bad tidings to anyone who asked, and yesterday, I finally relented, and said, "I'll see the damn eclipse so I can stem the barrage of questions, "Dirrrr... did you see the eclipse?"

Then I forgot about it.

But Rogue called and reminded us at like 10:23. She said she was in an alley (I guess in DC) with some people looking at it. I almost joked, "Don't stare directly at it!" but I have been burned recently about people not taking jokes well, so I just fudged the phrase about the dragon. Rogue laughed that kind of laugh you give when you recognize that a friend made a joke, but didn't quite understand what it meant.

Friend: So I saw this really bad educational film the other day...
Punkie:[quote from Kentucky Fried Movie] How do I use... "Zinc Oxide?"
Friend: [who has never seen Kentucky Fried Movie] Heh. And the actors were so bad...

Anyway, I told her I wasn't really interested, and I don't think she quite understood, like I had somehow made a non sequitur, so she talked about some more, sensed awkwardness, and said she was sorry she called us so late. It was okay, I was distracted because I was watching the new South Park. We love you Rogue! :-D Sorry I was rather distracted...

Anyway, I decided at the commercial break to go outside and look at it. It was almost at totality, but sadly, a thin veil of cirrus clouds started to cover it, and it got lost in a thin film of cloud gauze. It was like I remembered, brown and roundish. Wheee.

Later, I went out around 11pm to let Widget go pee, and the clouds were now completely blocking the sky. I felt bad for those who really wanted to see it, and there were no clouds almost all day. That sucked.

In other news, the new South Park really was offensive, and I am surprised how much they get away with. They sure hate PETA. And the lesson was that sometimes you have to vote between a douche and a crap sandwich. But that was nothing compared to the premiere of "Drawn Together," a spoof on reality TV done with animated characters from several genres. My. God. They are going to get some letters. Stereotypes, overt racism, strong sexual overtones, scat humor, self-injury jabs, several references to child porn, and an erect pig penis are sure to keep the phones ringing at Comedy Central. This is almost as bad as TV Funhouse, which means I liked it, but certain parts were veeeeery uncomfortable. And probably will get the show shuffled off to late night slots to wither and die like "Frank Goes to the Orient," "Exit 57," and "Upright Citizen's Brigade."

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