punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

In a pissy mood

I am not having a good day.

Because a lot of this journal has been "OMFG my leif suxxorz!!1!!" I will alleviate any stress on my readers by stating beforehand that nothing majorly wrong has happened in my life since my last post. But here's some issues that have pissed me off in the last 24 hours.

CR got detention for being late for school 3 times. It's his fault. But if he's late again, they flunk him for the whole quarter. That's a bit extreme, IMHO. I pity those kids that come from disadvantaged homes who might be late to school more than 3 times in a quarter because mom and dad are fighting, they live in such a poor neighborhood that they have to hide and take alternate routes to avoid gangs, or anything else. Late for school getting detention is a punishment that fits the crime. Flunking a quarter is anal control and pointless. You're going to lose more kids through the cracks that way.

Thisby is close to being ejected from my house. I have lived with this cat for 4 years, and she's still scared all the time, hates me, and that was okay until earlier this year when our bed frame broke. Thisby lived under the bed. So until we could afford a new bed frame, she took up residence in the rec room, where she used the bathroom all over the place down there. She lived in two places down there: the hollowed-out legs of the pool table, and a nest she burrowed into an armchair like some wild animal. Now that we have a bed frame, she's too cozy down in the rec room to move. So last night, I had to get her out of the pool table, seal up the hollow spaces with lots of cardboard and duct tape, and then chase her out of the chair. While I did this, I found she had ben using the sofa as a toilet, and it must have been recently, because this wasn't a problem when I cleaned the rec room two weeks ago. Like a quart of urine was on one of the cushions. I had to user the steam cleaner just to get the liquid out, and tonight, instead of going out with Matt and Anya, I have to stay home and completely clean the rec room again. Living with Thisby has become like living with a wild raccoon, and none of the other cats are even close to this misbehaving. I know, she's brain damaged, scared, comes from an abusive home, and so on, but I have given her 4 years to warm up, and she's still some spook that lurks in the house like a boggart in the woods. I am seriously considering giving her away. She has to go to a home with no other pets, kids, and no men (she hates men, always has, since the former owner's son abused her as a kitten). I never thought I'd eject a cat from my domicile, but if she doesn't shape up, out she goes. I got Cali a good home about 6 years ago, so I might do the same for Thisby. Cali was mom's (my mother-in-law's) cat, who hated everyone else. When mom died, we had to wrangle that psychotic Maine Coon and get her in a carrier. When we got her home, she had never been with other cats (she was removed from her litter before her eyes opened), and all she knew was mom. She didn't understand the other cats who saw her lack of involvement as sheer punishable arrogance, and since Cali had no front claws, she couldn't defend herself as well. She ended up living with Nate's family until she died at the age of 13 (from diabetes). If I can find a home for that crazy cat, I can probably find a home for Thisby.

The second (data) hard drive on my Windows PC is dying. This was a great time to find out that since XP service pack 2, the backup batch scripts stopped working (I knew I should have gone to Perl). Apparently now I can't do an "xcopy" in a batch script without some permission thing or something. The only thing I care about, since I haven't really gotten much writing done, is a copy of my household finances. If they are gone, I will lose a few month's of entries, which will suck pretty hard, but thank God I backed up everything else to a Linux directory, and I haven't updated the masters in a long while. And I have a Knoppix-based recovery tool. And since I wrote to the file just two days ago, I think it's still recoverable normally. The stuff I can't get is actually useless or redundant because of the backups. I just hope all those hard drive utilities to check for errors (which all crashed, BTW), didn't fuck up the drive more. I just need that one file...

My arthritis is really slowing me down. It hurts. Ow.

That's my beef for this morning. Thanks for letting me vent.

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