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Today in Samhain

Well, things are better than this morning. Somewhat.

I was right, the parts on my D:\ drive where my important documents were at were uncorrupted. Running the backup manually copied over all the files that hadn't been updated since June, and that was only a few spreadsheets, some notes, and assorted saved e-mail. I am now trying to save all my non-essential items, like some downloaded files I got and saved game files. I think some of those are goners. Also, for some reason, a ton of my desktop icons vanished.

Thisby has stayed under the bed, and been sociable with Christine when I am not at home. So for now, she stays with us. But just in case, does anyone need a small, chubby, loner, crabby female longhaired "Siamese" (looks more Birman, though) that only likes women and is afraid of everything else?

But then, yesterday morning, "someone" didn't take out the trash, and I wanted the huge heaping mound of trash that "someone" didn't take out for weeks to be taken to the curb to be disposed. So I had to drag the heavy and overstuffed "approved" trash container from my backyard to the curb. Most of you in suburban areas know these trash bins; they are large, green, and have huge wheels. Well, one of the wheels fell off the pavement into the grass, upsetting the balance, and twisted to the side, taking my arm, shoulder, and neck with it, kind of like how bullies twist your arm behind your back to push you to the ground. The trash emptied onto the lawn despite my Herculean efforts to prevent that. Luckily, they were all in bags, so I set the can upright, and heaved the trash into the container. I just made it, the truck came within minutes after I put it out to the curb. So I figured the horrible back pain I had suffered at least was worth the effort. It got worse and worse all day.

I had to clean up the downstairs last night for the Samhain gathering, and Thisby's pissing had almost totally ruined the cushions. I used the steam cleaner, Fabreeze, baking soda, carpet cleaner... nothing. All I got was a damp cushion that smelled like sweat, flowers, cheap children's perfume, fabric softener, smoke, all as a subtle frame around the rank dominant odor of cat piss. I burned scented candles, incense, and swore a whole lot. Nothing I did seemed to work, so we're tossing the cover into the washing machine, because the foam doesn't smell, just the fabric. Yes, the washing machine might ruin it. At this point, what more harm can that be?

Then, with all this, my neck stopped working last night. Yes, I had re-injured my old neck injury. I hadn't done that since... 1990? You know, I had forgotten just how heavy my fat head was until I had to move it by hand, and let me tell you, moving the dead weight of your own head is an awkward thing to do when those same muscles that can't hold it up anymore also are 50% of your arm strength. I slept with a heating pad and my head supported by a rolled towel

Oh, there's more! While watching TV, my glasses broke. Yes, while sitting still, the frame went "pinnnnggggg!", shot a tiny screw into my eyes, and released my left lens onto my chest. Turns out the screw holding my glasses together on the left side broke. Shit. And I couldn't fetch for the teeny screw in the bed because it was hard enough to move, much less fetch for a teeny, tiny piece of dull metal in my bed in the dark against dark sheets while your wife is sleeping next to you. At least my lenses are okay. This morning, I used an eyeglass repair kit to put in a temporary screw, but none of them fit. Either they were too short and wide, or too thin or long. I eventually put in a long thin one, so now I have a thin screw popping out of the top of one of temples.

Well, I have to check on the cushion cover now. Hopefully it didn't shrink or still smell like a clog in a kennel's drainage trap.

Happy Samhain, everyone.

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