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Happy Halloween everyone!

Samhain was wonderful.

Last night I got to meet new people, of course, and finally Elspeth and Nybor got to see our house. I have known them since the mid 1980s, I can't remember the first time I met them. I think it was 1984 or so, whenever Evecon 2 was. Long story short, Elspeth is the one who introduced me to Christine. When we got the house, we tried forever to get them to come over, so this felt right. Anyway, we had a good time, and we celebrated our ancestors that have passed, and remembered the good times we had with them.

Nybor and I had an amazing discussion about the universe and toroids; the fact he used to write science fiction "back in the day" shows. Speaking to him about theories and stuff is like opening an old and friendly Asimov or Bradbury novel.

Elspeth fixed my neck.

If I had anything to say about having a bunch of pagans over, versus all our other parties, is that pagans seem to spill a lot. I found more tipped over cups, puddles of apple juice, beer, and sodas than any other party I have ever hosted at my house, and this includes children's birthday parties. I am not upset, really, because nothing got ruined (I thought a rolled up poster I had got soaked, but the drink only soaked the cardboard tube holding it). I don't know what this means, because no one got drunk, so I am meditating on its spiritual significance.


I managed to retrieve everything off my hard drive, and when I was deleting the last of the remnants of data I had backed up, the drive went "knock knock knock..." Heh. Good timing!

This morning, Elspeth planned the next few months of Haven activities with Christine, I cleaned up a little more, and had some coffee. The rest of today I have planned to just do halloween stuff, like set up all the goody bags, do the front yard, and then I will be handing out candy and glow bracelets to the kids.


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