punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

How did Halloween go?

Faboo, that's how!

We got up early to see Nybor and Elspeth off, and then we started the Halloween preparations. Christine assembled this new motion/sound sensitive ghost, I packed all the goody bags, and CR put up most of the outside decor. We had Matt, Anya, Sean., Lou and the kids over, ate pizza, and chatted into the cool (not cold) night air. All kids that came to our house got:

- 1 Glow-in-the-dark bracelet (the kind you snap, shake, and it glows for 8 hours)
- 1 Full-sized candy bar (either Milky Way or a Reese's PB Cup 2-pk)
- 1 Package of Pop Rocks (awesome!)
- 1 Squeezy monster horn (toot!)
- 1 Glow-in-the-dark spider ring (light activated, UV sensitive, a tribute to my mom)

We had slightly less kids than last year (I am thinking 40 or so), but more little kids than last year. A few teens, but no anti-costume, "gimme some can-deh!" kinds. The kids mostly came in waves and clusters of 4-5, a few single or double-kid stragglers with parents, and long gaps in between. They started coming around sunset, about 6:30, and the last one was an early 8:30. We shut down at 9. Matt and Anya stayed until 10:30, and after they left, Christine and I went to bed where I spilled about a pint of Diet Coke on myself. Dammit.

We tried to put costumes on the dogs, but Ahfu's costume (a devil) kept falling off of him, and Widget went mental with all the past few days' activities, so we couldn't get the costume (a bee) on him, and decided to keep him in the bedroom where he barked for hours because his brain is the size of a dried chick pea. Ahfu LOVES greeting kids for Halloween (he's been doing this mostly since he was a puppy), so he had a great time.

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