punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Voting madness

Before I say this, let me tell you the overwhelming good feelings in my heart that the voting turnout is so high. In all the years I have voted, it was nowhere near this many people. I'd honestly say that more then ten times the number of people I have ever seen turn out were standing in line for hours.


It was hours, almost three. We arrived at Greenbriar West ES, and stood in line from about 7:30 until 10:20. There were only 4 digital booths and about 5-6 volunteers for the hundreds that were standing in line for hours. Everyone was pretty friendly, but it was really hard to stand for that long on hard school floors. Also, Greenbriar West (my son's old ES) is going under some major construction changes, so exposed ceiling, wires, pipes, and bare drywall were everywhere. Nothing dangerous, but it was kind of like being in some strange industrial-looking backdrop.

First, you snaked through the school, and then you got to the gym, and the line doubled back about 4 times across the gym. They were handling about 2 voters a minute. I already knew who and what (bills, bonds, amendments) I was voting on, so the guy explaining how it worked took longer than the actual voting. And again, everyone was pretty friendly, even though most of them didn't think it would take THIS long and many cell phone calls were made to work, babysitters, and spouses regarding the lateness.

I voted! Yay!

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