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Weekend chores - a good start

I'm pretty pleased at a lot of the stuff I did today. Being forced to be home isn't so bad because I can get a lot done. There was a ton of stuff that needed done I hadn't been able to do because it got pushed down the stack of job lists pretty far. This year has been pretty hectic, as my readers know.

There are always tons of little things that need tending to. I did a lot of cleaning, which is akin to an archeological dig of layers of stuff form events in history over the last few months. I find a lot of treasure. Partly because things move around my house myseriously, and have some life of their own. Like for instance, the gremlins-that-be removed a cap from a can of bug spray. The cap ended up in my den somehow, and the can was in the kitchen. I got them back together again. Somehow, bags of Lipton tea started migrating around the house in clumps. I got them all back in the box of Lipton tea bags, only to find out I had more teabags than space in the box. My Lipton tea is BREEDING! I found Christine's Russian gypsy tarot deck, which went missing just before Samhain. It was on top of the dryer. Since I have done several loads of laundry since they were known to be missing, the fact they were on the dryer in plain sight means that they vanished, went somewhere, and came back within the last two days. I wonder where they went, why, and why them came back on the dryer, and not the locked green sewing box Christine nromally keeps them in? Those cards have done this before. I am glad my tarot stays put for the most part. My Prodigy CD, "Fat of the Land," which had been missing for months, turned up in my Rio portable MP3 player. The disk that HAD been there, a collection of techno mp3s, is now missing. Over time, we lose flatware, cups, and silverware. Today, I found two nests of the refugees, both areas owned by the same person, who found it funnier than I did that I found such a huge collection hidden away. I don't think THAT was the work of gremlins. For the last few months, I just assumed we had no more salad plates, and I'd have to go to the thrift store, again, to get more spoons. All these things I found while cleaning the kitchen, straightening up the guest room and living room, tidying up my den, and just cleaning up a few things I had been putting off with all those major events all year.

After my cleaning and treasure hunt, I decided to mow at least the back lawn. I got that done, and I even managed to edge the sidewalk in front of my house before the asthma got me too bad. I hadn't edged the sidewalk at all this year, so it was a little shaggy. I still have to rake/mow the front yard. Usually I do the front yard first, but the back yard had gotten so long that the dogs were having trouble getting around in it. The first thing Ahfu did when he got out was run around in grass shorter than he was.

Wheeeeee! Look at him go.

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