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Various news - On call and vacation time coming

So, Tuesday night, I get what I thought was a mild case of food poisoning. I was sick all Wednesday, and worked from home so I could be near the toilet. Then Christine got sick, then CR, and now some people at work. Since the fever and ... other symptoms were fairly light, maybe it was some quickie flu?

Who knows.

Work has kept me pretty preoccupied. I like work. Work makes the time go by and makes me feel useful. Too bad they are talking about another round of layoffs in December, and this one is big. Here we go again...

This weekend, I am Primary On-call for the first time in this job. I used to be on-call in two other jobs, so having a pager isn't new to me. But this also means I can't leave the house. Well, there's always plenty to do around here. Luckily, this job usually doesn't get paged more than 3-4 times a week, and a majority of the time it's all permissions to do something, or just an FYI on a server. For example, this week, I have been secondary on-call, and I got paged twice because the primary on call didn't respond in time. The first time was a "Hey, this server went down, is it important?" and when it was rebooted, all was fine. Today I got another call, which said "the server has melted," and Sun hardware sent some guys out to whack at it. Problem was, no one had the root password, and sadly, since all the accounts are linked into one big cluster dependent on the network, and it wouldn't boot to network, the point was moot. "We have a password in the safe," said the tech, "but it didn't work." So I gave them permission to "hack" the server. That's a normal kind of call for us.

Saturday, we're hosting Sawa's birthday party, but Sawa's planning all of that. All I have to do is make sure the house is clean. Sunday is MY birthday, even though the party is next weekend. I might eat sushi, because the sushi place is near my work and so if I get paged, I can go there.

I only work 3 days next week. I sort of get Thursday and Friday off, but not really because I am still on call, but that's not a big deal. I then take the next week off, so I am off from the 18th through the 28th. I plan to take in some honest-to-goodness slumming around.

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