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Lazy weekend... lots of parties, lots of time off

It's early Monday morning, and I am waiting for clothes to dry.

I spent most of Sunday cleaning up my den. A lot of what I did was sorting and filing objects into boxes and stuff. I put away many things that just needed put away, like books in bookcase. I threw away a lot of old paperwork, catalogs, and such. I vacuumed, untangled some wires, and sorted PCI cards. Neal called and wished me a happy birthday. I set up all my Seti@home machines to BOINC accounts (using SETI), and soon, I'll have those stats on this page.

Sunday evening, Sawa and my family went to Hama Sushi for my birthday dinner. The food was good, but the service was a little lacking to their normal standards. The waitress was pretty innocuous and automatic, my tea was cold, and I never got a refill on anything but my tea (which was at least later refilled with hot tea). The food was good, so I can't complain there, and the company was nice. In the car, I made CR laugh so hard, he almost stopped breathing. Something about claustrophobia and yelling "Waaaaaah!" in the dark. As his sense of humor matures, he's getting to be more of a companion.

Oh, and his grades were really good this time around. Bonus! So far, he seems to be taking school fairly seriously, which is always good. We're seriously discussing college options, possible careers (which is still animal science), and he's working on getting a job this summer working at an animal hospital with help from our friend Anya (who works at one part-time).

When I was in high school, I also was looking to be a vet. I tried to get a job at the local animal hospital, but they only had two slots, and both were quickly filled. The kid from my school who got the position didn't really like animals, but his father pressured him to get a job. I felt that was a double slap in the face, because I got bested by a guy who didn't even want the job. I ended up giving up on that dream, and turned to astrophysics. I don't feel bad about this now, because it seems no matter what I would have chosen, the path I took now would have been the outcome because everything changed after my mother's suicide. And some of the work I did with DB 4 databases at my first real job came in handy years later (and still does).

I plan on working pretty hard (at work) the next few days, and then I'll be taking it easy on vacation. I can't really spend money because I don't know what the beginning of December brings. I hope I don't get laid off, because money is actually doing a lot better with the raise and all. I know I am still getting paid below industry standard, but I figure if I prove myself, I can get a better raise. I am taking on as much work as I can do (but no more, I don't want to look like a flake) and trying to network; getting to know everyone and what they do.

And being on call wasn't so bad after Saturday morning... :D

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