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Happy Birthday to Me: Part 2

Like I mentioned before, because we wanted to celebrate Sawa's B-day, we delayed my actual party until Nov 20th, which worked out because more people could come. And next weekend, we have a quiet ceremony with Rogue, my other Scorpion Sistah.

But this weekend went great! The only real bad news is:

The DVD player is not, in any way, a regionless player. For $30, I really assumed this would be the case, and since I didn't shop for a regionless player, the only insult I feel is this clown is telling other people it is. That's Best Buy for you. Oh, and they didn't have the labels for my Brother P-Touch home and Hobby model, even though they sold many of the models, they were just out of labels. I'll probably save money online anyway. Nyah.

Anyway, all of Saturday, we were preparing for the party. Christine did all the cooking, and I did almost all the cleaning. Actually, we've had so many things at our house, I have been constantly cleaning, so it wasn't too dirty. I got tired, though. I was up until 3:30am because April and her new boyfriend Ed arrived really late (they came in from Boston, and were staying the weekend). Ed was fascinating, and April is always fascinating, and as usual, I wish I got to talk to them more. Anya, Matthew, Kory, Allison, Moria, and Matt came early and helped us set up, which was an absolute godsend. We decked out the whole house like a Hollywood Red Carpet display, complete with backdrops, balloons, and red carpet.

Seth came all the way from San Francisco! He had to leave early, but I was SO happy to see him. He really rekindled a lot of the old Punk in me.

The party went really well, and everyone had a lot of fun. We took like 90 pictures (not including the Polaroids), and I'll have to sort them all. Oh, and if Travis gets ahold of you digital camera? Take it from him. I have a lot of pictures of parts of people faces, usually ears (in truth, I think he took them last week at Sawa's party). In the end, Allison won by guessing the correct murderer, Missie won for best costume, and I think April won... something. Man, my memory is bad. Sadly, Christine and CR got really sick to their stomach, and had to go to bed early. The party lasted until 1am, and a few lingered until 3am. Seth and I cleaned up, and I actually managed to removed about 80% of the party residue before I went to bed, hoarse and exhausted.

Damn, I love my friends. First of all, they are easy to clean up after. We had like 30 people in our house, and the mess of maybe 5. People were really good about cleaning up after themselves, and it made things so much easier. Second, they all all just so fucking cool-ass people. Thanks, guys! :) :) :)

I got up late Sunday, and was dead dog tired. I drank coffee with April and Ed, and then Sean, Lou, and the kids came over. April and Ed had to leave early because they had to drive back to Boston and work in the morning. I am really glad they came, and Ed is a very astute musician who knows industry people, including Eddie Van Halen, whom his best friend has been working for for over 14 years. Cool. The Heare family stayed until 6pm, and then had to go home.

I spent the rest of the day slumming around and watching TV.

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