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More cleaning done

I got even more cleaning done today.

There's this closet that I like to call "The final closet." See, we moved here over 4 years ago, and this closet contained the last things that we never unpacked. Most of them were things we never needed, and still don't need. Then people just kept tossing crap in there. Some were ruined due to being crushed, or stored liquids spilled on them. I tossed most of it, which included old and broken electronic-enhanced board games CR used to have, several sets of broken blinds, some notebooks of paperwork we didn't need from a former address, and various busted knick-knacks that never really had any value. When I started, the closet was literally a pile about waist deep, and now, there are only 3 copier-paper-sized boxes of stuff I saved to be sorted later. Most of the stuff I saved were some pictures in frames, knick-knacks that didn't break, several game consoles (starting with the Sega Genesis and ending with N64), assorted cassette tapes, accessories for the pool table, and a few books.

The closet looks so empty now.

This closet is build weird; it's really deep from front to back, more so than it is side to side. It has a strange "closet bar" which is really a metal lip that curls back on itself like an upside-down question mark, and it's so far back that it makes the coats swing outwards because it's too close to the back wall, which on that type of closet bar, twists the hangers to the side and then they fall on the floor. To make it a proper coat closet, one would have to put in a proper clothes rod up higher and more towards the front. Then we'd finally have a coat closet.


I could make it a server closet. Put in some shelves, hook up some electrical outlets, and put all my computers (like the SETI array) in there. The first problem is the massive heat buildup that would occur, and overheat my machines. I could put in some ventilation. The rec room is on a huge slab of concrete, and acts as a heat sink, so it's always cold there. Pumping out some heat through vents into the rec room might work, but that might not look nice, and I don't think Christine would go for that.

Or, I could make it a huge safe. Liberty Safes makes some nice, standing fireproof safes I could plop in there.

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