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Happy Turkey Day

It's been an interesting last 24 hours.

It started when one of my Linux boxes crashed hard. This isn't my technical blog, so I won't go into detail of the weirdness of it, but it was annoying because I was depending on it being my desktop box. Luckily, it is only annoying; my main server is fine. Then another box crashed, but in a different way. This was one of my main boxes in my SETI Array, and the OS got hosed bad. It would run for about 18 hours then... pssssht. Froze hard. Finally, after a few hard crashes, the errors on the hard drive were unrecoverable. I have tried installing a new OS on it, but it crashes in random places on the install.

Then my office chair broke. The new one I got earlier this year? It had been falling apart steadily, and it took more and more duct tape to keep it together. Finally, last night, the whole left side fell off and the back broke. I can still sit on it, but it has no more support than sitting on an ottoman.

The Ahfu ate half the Thanksgiving stuffing. He got on the table and ate about half a loaf of bread that we were drying out for the stuffing. At least it's just bread, so he's okay, but that was annoying.

For Thanksgiving, we're having Brad, Sawa, and her friend Glen over. Later, the Heare family might come over, if anything, to escape their relatives. Chance has to come over at some point because she's staying the night to be here early for Black Friday at Fair Oaks Mall... scary.

Yes, it's that time of year again when I go to the mall and remind myself why I never want to work retail again. It's also my annual get-together with CR, where we people watch and get lessons on human nature. I wanted Chance to have some fun that doesn't involve her watching her other siblings, too. I hope she'll have some fun and learn something, too, because it can be chaotic.

I looked on the mall site, and they are opening up earlier than I would have ever guessed, 5:30! There is no way in hell I am getting there that early. I am thinking more like 8am. I also found out the Cinnibon had closed. Booo!

Finally, I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family, and eat lots of good food, give thanks where thanks is due, and try not to go crazy with the relatives.

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