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Dear Journal: Sorry I haven't written...

... but this week has had its moments.

Well, we had the layoffs, and then everyone consoling me about said layoffs. Like I have always said, I have some of the best friends in the world that anyone could ever ask for. One of them made me an interesting offer that, while it's not immediately gratifying, should pan off in about a year. I don't want to jinx it, so I will defer on the surprise until it's official. But it's seriously good news.

This week has been a lot of being on call, almost every night, losing tons of sleep, and being groggy during the day. I would say I only got 3 hours of interrupted sleep a night for a week until last Friday.

We also decorated the house for Christmas. Actually, Christine did most of the decorating, I only fetched everything from the attic, did the outdoor lights, and set up Christmas music. Christine got a new artificial tree, did the tree, did the banister, and decorated the rest of the house with CR's help. I was so tired from lack of sleep all week, I wasn't much help.

Saturday, we went out with Anya for some errands. I stopped off at Ikea to get yet another new office chair to replace the piece of crap I bought at Best Buy earlier in the year. A few weeks ago, it finally broke enough that duct tape couldn't hold it together anymore, and lay apart in my den like the floppy bits of a gutted turtle exposed to the sky. I love Ikea, but I forgot that in order to see anything, you have to go through their whole showroom. I mean, the way they have it at Potomac Mills is done in such a way you have to walk through the maze of showrooms, seeing everything, before you can actually check out. There are no shortcuts; it's kind of like being forced to go through a tour at Disney in that you follow the footpath to the final ride at the end. I also got some Swedish food things, like thin ginger snaps, chocolate Dala horses, and some Glogg mix (Swedish hot mulled wine). CR got two new cheap lamps that hopefully are cat proof.

Then we had dinner with Matt and Anya at our house, and then they played Munchkin while I baked a ton of cookies for the cookie exchange the next day. I was so exhausted with the cookie exchange, that I went to bed right afterwards.

This morning, I woke up late, but since I had already baked all the cookies, and we had cleaned the house for Matt and Anya, not much needed done before the party. The party consisted of our friends Gay, Sawa, Sean, Lou, and their kids. We all made cookies, and exchanged them. Gay left early but the rest of the crew played Munchkin. I didn't feel well, so I had to keep going to out bedroom and lie down. I so severely tired, I couldn't even tell you.

This week, I'll be doing some of the last Christmas shopping, paying bills, and other boring stuff. Next weekend is Christine's Birthday party, and then the week after that is a short week because I am taking my last week off for the year.

Christine's sister Debbie will be staying with us this Christmas! Debbie is totally awesome. She is Christine's eldest sister, and the first one I had met when Christine and I were still dating. We always get along really well, and I like her company. She's coming that week, and staying trough New Year's. And New Year's, we're having a party at our house.

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