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The weekend - Christine's Birthday Party

Yesterday could have gone better.

It was Christine's Birthday Party, and she was sick. I have had a minor cold/asthma for about a week, but things have been so bad this year, I felt it was hardly worth mentioning in comparison. I got it from CR, who gave it to me, and now Christine has it. The Zyrtec I normally take has taken the sniffles out, but I have a lot of congestion in my lungs that has triggered multiple asthma attacks for over a week. Luckily, no one has asked me to run a marathon, so I have been able to sustain most of the attacks simply by resting.

But first, I don't think it's fair Christine's birthday gets fucked up every year because of Christmas. Not only can we never really celebrate with friends on the day itself, but finding a weekend where people are free near Christmas is a task an a half. I am very grateful to those who CAN make it every year, because even though we planned this WAY in advance, it was also the same date as my company Christmas party (I didn't really want to go anyway), a Yule things that some friends of mine were having, a date I was supposed to help Kory demo a game, FanTek Bad Movie night... you just can't win.

On top of this she was SICK, which it totally unfair to her, and I must protest that Christine works so hard all year for the family and friends, and to be sick on her birthday party is a really a low blow that The Powers That Be. I love her so much, and she gives so much, and she is such a great person that... well, I could go on, but the point is I am just mad at the germs that decided to infect her on this weekend.

Fuck germs!

The moment I got home Friday, I went into high gear and hit the ground running. Because I had been so busy and under the weather, my usual housework duties had slid, so I spent most of Friday and part of Saturday morning cleaning the kitchen (it was so comically bad, I almost took a picture, but Christine would have KILLED me if I posted it), doing laundry, and doing the bills, which I had been avoiding because it depresses the hell out of me.

The raise I got? Now negated because our health insurance at work went up about $150/month and mortgage went up $110/month. Now I am actually taking in LESS than before the raise. God dammit. Just when I thought I was getting ahead. To cut costs, be have lowered the thermostat in the house to 65, and it seems gas prices are dropping, so that will help a little, too.

Then the vacuum cleaner broke. Actually, it broke a few days ago when I got too close to a shoe, and it sucked in the shoestring, and before I could turn the vacuum off, it snapped the beater belt and stripped a gear in the motor. I might be able to repair it (I have spare beater belts), but it's now got a lot less power with the stripped gear. Bad timing. I don't really want a cheap vacuum, because we vacuum a LOT (4 cats, 2 dogs), but I don't have the cash flow to spend $200 on a new one, either. Maybe I can get a used one from somewhere. Or a new motor.

Saturday, Christine went out and got her cake, and then we went to Hama Sushi for her birthday dinner. In attendance were Matt, Moria, a friend of Moria's whose name I never got, Anya, Matthew, Brad, Gay, Josh, Sean, Louann, Chance, Scarlet, Keiran, and Mark. Later, we went back to the house for cake, where Missie and Sawa joined us.

So far on Sunday, we're wrapping gifts. I got everyone at my office a giant Hershey's Chocolate Kiss (I figured it was harmless/non-denominational within my price range). But the cold is trying to take over, and I have been groggy all day.

This really sucks because I have to go to bed early to get up at 3:00am to go to work, and do a 4:00am install. Luckily, I have pretty detailed instructions, and since this is my first install, I'll have someone there with me (who was not to happy about it, either). I hope it goes well, because if it screws up (and multiple things could go wrong, my group is just the people who throw the switches, as it were), we'll have to do this the next morning, and then the next, and so on and so on, even through Christmas, to get this right.

But I only have 3 days of work next week. I have Thursday and Friday, then the whole next week off.

Thank God.

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