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Busted my ankle

I busted my ankle. I say "busted" because, while the outpouring of sympathy would be nice, the truth is that it's probably not sprained and it's definitely not broken. But I was so tired last night, when going to my door, the step up to my door, I did not see in the darkness that UPS left a huge package right in front of the door. The package contained tax forms from takayla's work, because, again, she's their HR/Payroll/IT tech wonder woman.

It was heavy, black, and pendulous.

Okay, not pendulous, but I did too many Rocky Horror shows not to say the rest. Anyway, I tripped over it, and in my attempts not to fall on the concrete pavement, I shifted my weight in such a way my ankle went "pop!" Ow... ow ow ow ow ow OW! Mother [sendmail.cf]'ing OW! It swelled up a little, but I could still move it in some directions, just not all of them. Now it only hurts if I smack it or put weight on it. The swelling has gone down to almost nothing, and it supports a little weight, but work keeps paging me.

Work keeps paging me because we put in a desperate, last-minute fix on some ghastly project that we work with... M-M... M... I can't say it. But it's a mega-big-huge-conglomo company whose name means "Small and squishy." See, when this company calls you... you respond. Fast. Even though I had been working since 4am, I worked until 7pm because of this.

That's why I was so tired, and that's why I don't feel guilty about being in bed with the ankle.

I would like... [You would, would you?] ... if I may... [You may NOT!] to take you... [where?] on a strange journey... [How strange was it? So strange they made a movie about it. No, not a book, a MOVIE!]

Great... now I'll have RHPS running through my head.
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