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Schmoocon for the loney and wikcd

I am going to be so lonely for Shmoocon.

Their website says they have 200 pre-reg, and they still haven't filled the hotel, so this will be a small hacker-ish convention. A lot of announcements on the web are old, and not much new stuff has been posted about it. I kind of regret getting a room now, but I'll look at it as a small vacation. stodgycat was trying to get his work to pay for it, but I guess they didn't go for that. My work was supposed to pay for mine, but that manager is no longer with us... :). But I'm only out $99. Admission is up to $250 now, so I'd feel guilty asking anyone else to come. That's why I won't lean on stodgycat, because he's got 3 kids, one more on the way, and going to law school. But I'll miss him anyway. He makes cons fun :(

I plan on showing up early that Friday, to see if I can volunteer. I figure I'll meet people this way. Schmooze. Hobnob. If for anything, to gain knowledge of the people behind this. Or a pal.

I'm bringing an old, beat-up Linux laptop. It's a Dell P2/400 with a screen that will probably die soon. I plan on using it and wiping it when I get home. I have to get the Cisco wireless card to work first, but I might just make it a bootable-CD only with Knoppix-STD or PHLAK on it. I mean, the chances are slim that someone will hack my laptop, but this IS a hacker-ish convention, to the err on caution would be appropriate.
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