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Link - Animal Sounds

I actually used to do this with some 45 records (my friends born since 75, "What's a 45?" My friends born in the mid 80s, "What's a record?"), and I did it with the Alvin and the Chimpunks Christmas song (the original by David Seville). Well, someone actually recorded doing a 45 chimpunk at 33 1/3 speed, and I'd like to share it with you:

I wouldn't take acid while listening to this, if I were you...

Truly worth hearing, especially because the artists had to over-annunciate so they would be legible at higher speeds. The deep tones remind me of "Hatebeak," a Death-metal band that stars a real parrot as their lead.

God of Empty Nest...

Sorry, friends born after 1975... you need a record player to play their album.
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