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Tech - Weekend Tech notes

Even though I got paged like 5-6 times a day, I still did work on my home machines.

- Work paged me a lot more. Most of it, again, hardware related. One guy's server's got more problems than anyone else's this weekend. Not his fault, because they were all memory errors, hard drive failures, and one series of machines that the power was cut off from. The tech center says, "Not our fault." Uh huh. All the machines that rebooted were on the same tile. All rebooted at exactly the same time. Coincidence? No. My sleep was sporadic because of all the pages. I slept like 11-1, 4-8, 10-1.

- My own HP switch at home must have heard my swearing about HP yesterday and it up and died. I mean, that's like a punchline right there. It's an old Procurve 320 anyway, so I replaced it with a $20 Trendnet 10/100 switch I got for something else, but this took precedence. It's working great! Let's see how long it lasts (it feels real "Panasonix" cheap).

- CR's Win98 machine got borked. It was running pretty poorly for a while, and hasn't been reformatted since July of 2004. It's a dual boot thing, where after I put in Linux and Win98, got Win98 the way I wanted it, I zipped the whole Win98 partition and backed it up in Linux this summer. This was the first time I restored it by wiping Win98, and copying the July files back over. It didn't work 100%. It still thought the trackball mouse was new (fixed), and the there were some errors about the ddeml.dll being an older version (I am working on a fix, M$ says it's a registry issue). I also had a ton of Windows updates, Firefox updates, and other issues. At least it doesn't think there's 4 NICs, with only one of which has Microsoft sharing enabled.

- I am slowly setting up a Red Hat network out of some old boxes in order to study for the RHCE Exam on March 25th. Pray for me. Work is paying for the exam, but if I fail this one, I'm on my own. At least I have learned a lot more since then.

- Lately, especially when LJ went dark, I have been hearing a lot of blog-hate. I am not sure why, but most of it has been about how bloggers are whiny people who think their lives are more important than others. I find that people who accuse such things are often envious. Envious of good writing, bravery at exposing secrets, and those who have something to say. Even with that in mind, I have to admit, this shirt made me giggle.

- Since I have been using Squid, I have found one of the side benefits is when I go, "Hey, what was that site I was at a few weeks ago?" If I can remember the day, I can find it. Yeah, there's your browser history, but it only goes back a week or so, and sorts them by alphabetical order. I find that I can go, "Hmmm... a few weeks ago, I was looking up some product, and now I can't find it. It would have been in the evening... ah! Here it is..."
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