punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend Wrap-up: On call but still goin'

I had a severe sinus headache most of today, but I had to work a lot anyway. Boo hoo. I didn't have an all-tech weekend.

- CR's room needed heavy cleaning. It still needs massively organized but at least the floor is clean. I won't make the usual jokes about the state of cleanliness in a teen's room, because that's an unfair stereotype, and everyone's heard it anyway. His is no different. But I had to vacuum it because it hadn't been vacuumed since... well, summer. I must have filled the central dust cup 6-8 times. What a lot of dust. His room looks a lot better, but it also makes his horrible furniture look even worse, because it doesn't fit in with the neatness of the room. His lighting sucks, too, but he broke his ceiling fan light years ago, and Cosmo (his cat who stays in the room at night) is very destructive and hates lamps for some reason. I got CR these real cheap Ikea lights that are a 1-piece plastic deal, and he taped them to his dresser and desk to keep Cosmo from knocking them over. Cosmo, you are so bad...

- I made a cake. I was feeling low. It was one of those "fun cakes" with the swirly color middles. I just baked it in a 13 x 9 pan, and iced the top. It was okay.

- Christine made a really yummy dinner with pork loin, parsley potatoes, broccoli, and stuffing. My mother was an amateur gourmet chef, and taught me everything from rising bread to blanching lettuce. But nothing she ever taught me can even come close to Christine's cooking, handed down from her family that worked at and owned diners at one time. She is the bullseye target of what true American cooking really is.

- Laundry. Lots-a laundry.

- I swear I am going to get back to my bathroom one of these days... it still lies half demolished. I think about it a lot, but that doesn't count. I have to actually, you know, work on it. I have this plan of, "Grab 2 pieces of debris from the tub every day and throw it out" so that, in some way, there is actual progress. When I run out of debris, I shall make new debris.
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