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Link - Party like it's 1954

How far we have come... on the heels of "Victorian House," and "Prarie House," someone subjected their life to not that long ago, 1954. Reminds me a bit of that South Park episode, where it was 1998, and they found a "frozen caveman from 1996," and put him in an enclosure that played Ace of Base all the time.

Year 54, where are you...?

Mornings are the worst.

The coffee is too weak. The windup alarm clock is too loud. The phone rings, and it might or might not be my mom. There are no new e-mails. There is no hope for a Krispy Kreme. And man, oh man, I miss my Ambien.

Why have I subjected myself to life without a PDA? Why did I agree to a plan that forced me to spend New Year's Day watching the Gators in black and white, while the rest of the civilized world rings in the new year with Hoppin' John and the Orange Bowl in glorious Technicolor (or better yet, on TiVo with full control over instant replay and super slo-mo)? Why, oh why, am I spending the first 10 days of 2004 attempting to work, play and party like it's 1954?
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