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Being an Adult?

I have always been a fan of Wing, Sars, and Glark with Uber-interactive and their spawned sites. This one is from Sars (pronounced "Sairz," it's short for Sarah) on Tomato Nation, and I think a lot of people should give it a good read.

25 And Over: Playtime's over, kiddies

There's a book I have called, Leaving the Nest: The Complete Guide to Living on Your Own, which I highly recommend.

I usually don't have this problem with friends of mine, not for a long time at any rate. But it seems that a lot of people these days are sent out into the real world with inadequate etiquette lessons. I'm not sure why this is. This is also one of the drawbacks to hiring people right out of college; they don't know how their personal habits can affect their job.

When I was a manager at Crown Books, I got this call during Spring Break:

Old School Chum: Hey, Grig! I'm back from UVA for a week, how are you?
Me: I'm doing okay. How are you?
OSC: Great! Hey, Dude and I are going to Guy's house Friday night, and we're gonna watch some anime and drink tequila! Wanna come?
Me: Tomorrow? Uh, no, I am closing tomorrow.
OSC: Well, call in sick!
Me: I can't. That would mean the other manager would have to do a 12 hour day.
OSC: So?
Me: Well... that's mean.
OSC: It's just a job, man.
Me: If I had some warning, I'd switch with him...
OSC: You have warning now!
Me: Not enough. I can't just call the guy and say, "Hey, I'm opening tomorrow." He got claim on it, and he's got some thing with his wife.
OSC: I can't believe it! You'd chose work over fun with us?
Me: I want to keep my job, man.
OSC: Man, what a sellout...

I think that incident alone lost me a bunch my old McLean friends. I think the thought that at 19, I was a working man, a "real adult" scared some of them. A lot more of them stopped speaking to me when I got engaged. In fact, out of all my old McLean friends, I have still maybe 5 from the old crowd still speak to me. Two of them have LJ accounts, which is weird :).
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