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Link - It's raining bad weathermen!

There's a saying in the TV industry that it takes a special person to screw up the weather report. Well, pull up the short bus and put on your crash helments, because here's some examples of just how badly one can screw up the weather:

This is an example of a BAD recovery from a spoonerism (wmv file - contains swear words)

This guy wishes he was Letterman, circa 1984 - "Finger, there's a town called finger??" Another wmv file, sorry. But it's hysterical (Dave Letterman was actually a weatherman here a long time ago. He once told us that DC was getting hail the size of "Canned Hams" and issued a "Canned Ham alert" once). Warning: bad poetry.

This guy? Must be amateur-at-the-mic night. - Why you should screen temps before you put them on the air.
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