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Question - Brothers and sisters

I was an only child. Please forgive this question, but it's geared to those who had a younger sibling. Preferably a female with a younger sister, but I am curious about all who had younger siblings while growing up. I know a fair lot of you have siblings like 10-20 years apart, so this is really to those who grew up with siblings only a few years younger than them, under the same roof.

1. Did your sibling drive you crazy when you were young? Do you think abnormally so then? How about now?
2. How did you deal with it? Did whatever you do work or not work?
3. Did you ever really get into a knock-down, drag out physical brawl with the other past age 8?
4. How did you relationship turn out when you grew up?
5. What advice would you give now?

As an only child, I am ignorant of such things. I have always felt a bit jealous of those who have siblings, even though I knew that had I had a younger sibling, he or she would have ended up messed up because of our parents.

I came close to having a sister. I don't know all the details, but when I was about 8, my mother said she was pregnant, and it was going to be a girl. I was excited. Wow, a baby sister! She told me that my father knew, but not to bring it up that I knew just yet. Then... she never had the baby. In my addled 8-year old state, I kind of forgot about it a few weeks later. It was never brought up again. Years later, I remembered that incident, but I never got to ask my mother what happened. Now she's dead. I tried to piece together what might have happened. For a while, I though my father forced her to have an abortion, but now I think either my mother THOUGHT she was pregnant and wasn't, or she was, and lost the baby. Her heavier drinking started around the same time, so it could have been either.

If I did have a sister, she would have been around 9 when my mother killed herself. I would have been forced to stay behind and take care of her, I suppose. Maybe I would have abandonded her to save myself. I don't know. I don't like to think about how our relationship might have been, because I suspect it would have turned sour rather fast. We might have had to fight for attention, and she might have forced me down a darker path. I don't know.
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