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Quotes - What Would Jesus Do?

There's a guy at work who has an e-mail signature that's like 10 lines long. It's a quote from Buddha, which isn't so bad, but I have heard more and more that people are sneaking Christian quotes into their e-mail .sigs. Someone on Fark asked for some help for a response .sig, and some of the replies are hysterical. My favorite comes from "enave," and goes like this:

1. use quotes from Lovecraft.

2. pick some random bible verse and change it slightly. use that as your sig file and see how long it take for someone to notice. "And moses gathered the baracudas and went unto the land of disney."

3. everytime they send you an email with a bible verse, look up the verse that comes right after it. Put that one in an email and send it back to them. Nothing else in the email. Just that. When they eventually ask what the hell you're doing, say that you thought it was some kind of game.

4. use quotes from the quran only attribute them to the bible. That should really get some people fired up. "And Allah sent Mohamad into the desert for one year - Joshua 25:14"

5. if you know how to spoof an email (hint: google for rfc 821) try sending them email from godheaven.com claiming that they are violating the bible's copyright clause and that they must pay a license fee.
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