punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Last Katsucon Planning Meeting

Today was one of those days when everything was planned on the same day. Baby shower, Katsucon, and MSD. I had to pick one, and since I was not allowed at takayla's niece's shower in West Virginia, it was whittled down to two.

I hadn't attended a Katsucon meeting all year, so I felt I'd better go, and I am glad I did. Amanda gave me a lift, I got some "Whose Katsu" players and their e-mails, and I got to talk to Doc about Tech Crew stuff. I think we'll have a pretty good Opening Ceremonies and Whose Katsu for Cosplay Halftime. The meeting went pretty well; it wasn't as chaotic as they used to be.

Amanda, by the way, is an amazing person. Really dedicated, smart, energetic, and she has a great attitude. Really cool.

I got home and takayla did NOT go to the baby shower (thank goodness, the weather took a turn for the worse), but anyarm and fuzzywhuze's house. But CR got real sick, so they came home shortly after I did.
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