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Link - Voodoo Chicken Troubleshooting

Paging ironkite...

RFC 2321 - RITA -- The Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent


3. Diagnostic Usage:

RITA may be applied in two diagnostic fashions, however only one of
these methods, described below in 3.1, has been refined to a state
such that we feel comfortable publishing the methodology.

3.1 The first method provides a broad-spectrum evaluation of
quality of the entity tested, and is thus known as the BS eval test.
This method can be used with great success on both deterministic and
non-deterministic problems. Testing is performed by placing the RITA
unit on top of a suspect piece of hardware, or, in the case of
software, placing the unit on a packaged copy of the program, or hard
copy of the source code.

If the RITA does not get up and fly away, the hardware or software
being tested is misconfigured, fubar, or broken as designed. While
this method does identify all equipment and software as sub-optimal,
Sturgeon's Law (see reference [5]) indicates that at least 90% of
these results are accurate, and it is felt that a maximum 10% false
positive result is within acceptable parameters.

3.2 The second method involves applications of traditional techniques
of haruspication (see reference [3]) and to date has been practiced
with much greater success using implements other than RITA. The
absence of entrails in the RITA unit may contribute to this; future
design enhancements may address this issue by the addition of
artificial giblets.

An alternative approach that has been discarded involved cleromantic
principles (see reference [3]), and was known as "flipping the bird".

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