punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tech - Alienware

It's Sunday morning and it's snowing real pretty outside...

At the Katsucon meeting, one of the guys there had one of the newest Alienware laptops. I had seen them on their website, of course, but never up close. Holy crap, I was pretty impressed. The LCD screen on its own looks... like an HDTV. It was really big, though. I mean, not just because of the big screen, but I would say it's at least twice the weight of a normal laptop, and has unbelievable heat output (there are 4 fans on the bottom, and if you just cover one of them up, the machine shuts itself off before the heat damages the circuits). The guy who had it says he can get maybe an hour's worth of battery life out of it, but he didn't care because he bought it not for size, but portability. "I don't plan on being anywhere where I'm not near a plug," he explained.

I wished I could have gotten one for Christine for her birthday, and I almost got it on a payment plan, but then knew how quickly computers devalue, and I don't want to be paying $106/month for 2 years, and at the end, have a laptop worth maybe $500. And the interest rate is at 21.90%... eugh...

But, oh... wow. Totally sweet.
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