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One week, refined-sugar free

I didn't ever think I'd get this far, but I have to be honest with all of you, while I have done very well with avoiding sugar, but I "cheated" a few times:

  • I use Equal in my daily two cups of coffee
  • I ate 4 Altoids, which have a miniscule amount of sugar, on that hellish 16 hour day because I was trying to stave away hunger pains
  • I drank a few diet sodas (again, Nutrasweet). Like about 5 x 12oz bottles.
  • I drank a lot of fruit juice, which, due to the market demand, is sweeter than what you get from, say, the raw fruit juice your get directly from the fruit. They concentrate it, and reconstitute it with less water than it originally had, so it is higher in sucrose.
  • I had a glass of Pineapple juice, only to find out it had corn syrup in it (last Monday). Cheaters!

That's about it. Not really "cheating," but I want to be honest. To be honest, apart from a few craving episodes, especially for chocolate during a migraine attack Sunday night, I have been okay. I really expected this to be harder, and give up the 3rd day or something.
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