punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

What am I Doing for Katsu?

I really should get to bed, but I fear I'll forget. Here's what I am doing for Katsucon:

Opening Ceremonies Emcee - Well, I have been running it in the background for a while, and did it for FanTek, why not get a tux and be onstage? I wonder how I'll run stuff backstage while I'm onstage...? Maybe I'll get a headset, and look all official.

Anime Music Video Awards Emcee - and judge.

Cosplay Halftime - Whose Katsu is it Anyway? - Zany and madcap humor to fill stage time while the judges flee, have to be rounded up, and forced to make a vote.

Staff Suite - Lounge singer. Head like a hoooolllle... black as the soullll... I'd rather die... than give you controllll... Hey! Enjoy the buffet...
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