punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Shmoocon - v 1.0

So, here I am.

Today started fairly normally. I drank a ton of OJ and Pineapple juice, and then, duh, my ulcer reacted badly to it. Honestly, it's a wonder I can tie my own shoes. So, I was up until 2am, scanning for new music on the web. I woke up at 8:30, and forced myself up because I had some washing to do before I went. I didn't know what people were going to wear to this conference, and so I sort of brought a range. I packed, i said goobye to my family, and tried not to think about how much I would miss them, except they kept reminding me, making me miserable.

I was miserable on the Metro because Christine and I rarely spend time apart from each other for more than a day. Despite how things usually go for me, really nothing eventful happened at all on the Metro. No halts, stops, crazy people, or rude people. Just Vienna to Metro Center to Woodley-Park/Zoo and there was the hotel.

The hotel is ginourmous. I kind of thought, "DC hotel? Tiny, cramped, slightly dingy." No. The Wardham Marriot in DC is huge, sprawling,and a confusing maze of exhibit halls and escalators. It took me 15 minutes to find the hotel desk. Then 10 minutes to find my room. Ther signs everywhere are incomplete with gaps. Like "This way to hotel pub," and then you go, and the next fork in the hallway doesn't mention the Pub. "Did I miss it?" You go right, and then another sign says the pub is behind you. You take the other fork, and then you see it. The main part of the hotel is nice, though. The edges that go to the street? Not so nice. Tiny, cramped, and dingy. Hard to avoid that in DC...

I asked if my room was ready, it was, and so if anyone in DC wants to party in room 3054, I'll be here! I can't fit many of you though. Already, I might be meeting with Brad and/or Albedo this weekend. The hotel desk gave me the "Shmoocon Hotel Packet," which was a pass and yellow wristband for the keynote speaker party at FUR, and a wraffle ticket for all kinds of prizes they are giving away.

I was early, so I went to the "Carolinas" section of the hotel, and saw a black easel for Shmoocon, with an impromptu sign that said, in almost angry-looking hand-written letters, "Registration is AT 3PM!!!!" So I grabbed a bit to eat, went back to my room, and tried to get the Internet set up.

Long story short, my Slackware on the laptop is not well. Things won't write to the hard drive unless you are root, Abiword is gone (it was here for Gencon!), Mozilla crashes, and it had trouble getting IP on the hotel network. So I loaded Knoppix, and it worked fine. But Knoppix on a P2/400 with 128mb RAM is slllllooowwww...
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