punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Shmoocon - v 1.1

At about 2:45, I decided to check out registration again, and there was already a line. People in red Shmoocon staff shirts were milling about. I got in line, and watched them set up the Hack or Halo tournement. The dress people were wearing was mixed, a little punk, some much more formal, but the average dress was pretty normal street clothing. A lot of decorated backpacks.

I got to the front, gave them my Hash (badge ID they mailed you like looks like a complicated WEP key), and they said, "Grig Larson?" I said that was me, alright. The girl with the laptop was dressed in a slightly... almost Babylon 5 looking outfit, but it was close enough to normal mod street clothing to fit into a dance club. She had mod red hair swished to one side, and quite a bit of makeup. "Grig? Your name sounds familiar..." I told her that wasn't surprising, I got around a lot. I asked her name, and she said it was Tina [kept anonymous]. I didn't know any Tinas that looked like her, so maybe she's seen my name at cons, or online, or something.

God, I hope it's not Crunchland. Bwah! That would be weird...

Anyway, I got my stuff, which is:

- 1 VERY nice tote bag. Seriously, it's good stuff.
- a small bumpersticker from "Network Chemistry, Inc" that says, "Your RF is showing..."
- 2 even smaller bumperstickers that have the Shmoocon logo. One says, "FBI. NSA. CIA. DHS. TSG." and another that says, "con=0; con++; print "woot\n";
- A shmooball (for throwing at speakers). Shmoo face logo, made of cheap yellow Nerf.
- A CD of some sort. I'd check it out, but I'd have to reboot :(
- A Shmoocon tee shirt, "Insecurity we trust."
- Pad of lined paper and Shmoocon logo pen
- Program book (not the best quality print, more on that later)
- A few sections from books of speakers. More on that later, too.
- Lanyard and badge that had a smiley face and for name, "ANONYMOUS Attendee." Heh.

Well, the con officially starts in 15 minutes, so I'll see you later.
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