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Tech - Back from Gencon

Gencon had its issues, but when I got back... what a mess. I knew being gone a week would back things up, but ... gees. I didn't get back until like 11pm last night, gave out all the presents, never got to do laundry, had a restless sleep, and woke up early only to be separated from Christine again for the rest of the day.

  • At work, the network failed over the weekend. Massive hysteria ensued. Lots of meetings about RFO of my servers and so on...
  • At work, I arrive Tuesday to find both my boss and the main analyst are gone for training. I think I was told that, so I can't complain I wasn't warned, but this means I have to do their work on top of mine. Guess who's work is more important? Not mine...
  • A person I call "Ted" is an ass. Posted rude comments in my personal blog again. My IP filter got rid of most of his attempts, but he found another anonymizer. In some good news, I now have quite a list of anonymous web browsers at my disposal. I deleted all his comments but one, which I changed, jabbing him with an undercut to see if he'll bite. Ted is only slightly related to the whole "BBS-that-shall-not-be-named" saga, although I think he's acting on his own. I suspected he'd post again, because I follow his life here and there, and recently, he got in a LOT of trouble at work (I told him his servers were insecure, did he listen? no...), so that means he's in a bad mood, and I suspect he gets drunk and then posts comments in my blog. Some of you have "offered assistance" to get rid of this tick, especially after what he did a few years ago. I am not sure if HE was the one responsible (I actually suspect several people, based on the report of a friend who knew what they were up to), or if he's just doing it on his own. Yes, I have his home address. Yes, I have his work address. And yes, I know people who know or work with him, and they hate him too (thanks for your recent input, Kory). At this time, any "external retaliation" is still out of the question; all he does is insult me and jeer at me through cowardly "anonymous" messages, and I am not escalating it at this time. No matter how tempting. Thanks for those who also supported me in the comments section, but I deleted them so that my blog wouldn't be cluttered with "NO YUO!" sorts of things. Look, Ted is a very lonely and disturbed little boy. Gay republican Catholic stranded in a dead-end job in Denver. Need I say more. He needs our pity, not our retaliation..
  • MASSIVE spam attempt in my personal blog. All IPs already blocked, so none of it got through, but that was annoying while tracing Ted. Fuck you, VegasOnline crap.
  • At work, I forgot to wash out coffee cup before I left. Ew...
  • At work, the previous job offer going nowhere. I am pretty much giving up.
  • Man, I really have to get this blood pressure medicine fixed. These migraines are PAINFUL.
  • At work, I pretty much have to work late all the way through Thursday to catch up.
  • Good news: Thanks to Madhunter on Madpenguin, I now have a gmail account.
  • Good news: Free stopwatches at work.
  • Good news: The only pressing issue I had to clean at home seems to be the dryer broke (known, easily repaired issue) and the cat box needed cleaned (done).

And the best news, of course, is that Gencon was pretty cool. I didn't get to accomplish everything I went there for, but the company was fabulous. Thanks to Kory, Heather, Liz, Jason, Scott, Matt, Moria, Jim, Paul, Chris R, Ludachris, Tubbie, and Allison for a memorable and happy last week. My personal journal will have the reports once I get time to edit, refine, and upload them.

Happy 30th, D&D, BTW. Thanks for saving my pathetic little life back then. I owe you one.
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