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Still in bed

I started writing this before I could get online. My cable is down (TV and Internet), so all I can seem to do is watch local TV and play with my household Linux boxes. Whee!

My foot is doing better. The swelling is down, and the stretch marks have subsided. There was this funny red patch on top of my foot, which I thought was the beginning of a bruise, but that's faded, too. Now my foot is starting to look like a foot; I have an arch again. I was able to put some weight on it for a second before the pain set in. It moves more flexibly, too.

Some of you may remember Christine's injuries back in 2001 (broke one ankle, sprained the other), and because of those days, we still have a lot of equipment that has come in handy. Notably, the walker. Thanks to the walker, I was able to take a shower, hop around and get some clothes, etc... I can't use crutches too well because of my lack of upper body strength and my complete lack of coordination, but I'll have to figure out something. Thanks to my retail days, I still have a cane, too (it's amazing what some people will leave in your stores - I have never had to buy an umbrella, for instance).

Now that the constant pain of the foot is only limited to when I actually move it, I am discovering the aftermath of the fall on the rest of my body. For instance, I knew at some point I landed on my right knee during the tumble, because it was lightly skinned, but now I see I huge bump is there. There is also a deep bruise on my left forearm. There was also some embedded glass and a 5-penny nail deep in my left leg, which I had to remove with my Leatherman... okay, I made up that last part. After all, it could always be worse, right?

Ah... finally, the cable came back.
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