punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tech - This just seems wrong

Okay, I had some problems at home where my Samba server was getting slower and slower and slower. I decided enough was enough, and looked in my messages, and found out that it weas claiming that an non-existent IP was the domain master (the server's old IP). Nothing has the new IP, so this confused me, until I looked around, and got the advice, "Oh, stop Samba, delete the wins.dat and browse.dat in /var/cache/samba, and then restart Samba." This fixed half the problem, and then I saw one of my Gentoo boxes (Ryoko) was now fighting with my Samba server (Pippi) for Master Domain superiority. Turns out for some reason, the default Gentoo smb.conf had "domain master = yes" so I fixed that, and restarted everything. Pippi was now happy:

Samba server PIPPI is now a domain master browser for workgroup PUNKADYNE on subnet

And that seemed somehow so... dirty. I am slightly high on cold medicine now, picturing Pippi Longstocking and Ryoko Hakubi battling it out in leather cat suits.
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