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What good friends really are all about...

I felt better yesterday morning, but then I took a nap, and felt like crap when I woke up, but I knew the Heare family was coming over, so I managed to get myself and limp out to the living room. This was the first time I used the cane, and I must say, I kind of like having a cane, because I can point very well with it. I had always thought I should carry around a rider's crop for the same reason.

But not only was cheesy_reads and the kids there, but stodgycat as well. We discussed real estate, I think. The kids were really being well behaved, but their movement back and forth was screwing with the part of my brain that converted movement into balance, and I found I was actually getting seasick. It's hard to explain, but I guess my visual cortex was spilling its signals into my balance and perception, so when things moved around me, especially from behind, I lost my sense of balance. When I closed my eyes, I felt like I was floating. Weird. Not really a "bad" weird, just ... weird.

Then the party showed up. I totally was not expecting them. First, ironkite, bulsi, theimp79, and Missie showed up. ironkite showed off the amazing table he made for Christine. Man, and this is from a guy who used to work in the furniture business, it is solid. I would say in a showroom, it would fetch $300-400. Solid oak. Tapered legs in a Scandinavian-style. The party was mostly ironkite's idea, and I was so touched, but I was so sick, I couldn't be out there. First, I was afraid I would get them all sick (especially the very pregnant cheesy_reads), but everyone was like, "Aw, I just got over being sick," or "I am surrounded by sick people at work!" and one, "Hey, that means I'll get OFF from work!"

I don't deserve you guys. You guys rule.

But the crowd was too much, and after trying to talk and be part of the social scene, I was running so short on energy, my body went, "We MUST sleep!" I was afraid I would pass out, and there was an EMT in my midst, and I was afraid that wouldn't be taken well (EMTs are told things like "unconsciousness is not a normal state for a human being"). So finally, I hobbled to bed, and passed out to the sound of the laughter of my friends having a good time, which is some of the best sounds on earth.

The party went on without me, and I didn't get to see my friends Tammy and Gopher, who arrived later. I feel real bad I missed everyone, but I hope my friends understood how sick I really felt. I mean, I didn't have a sense of gravity anymore, and when you have a bad foot (which is still getting better), this is not a good position to be in. I feel kind of light-headed this morning as it is, and no matter how I feel tomorrow, I have to return to work. But if I still feel sick, I'll go to the doctor on Monday, I promise.

Thanks again, guys. It meant a lot.
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