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First day back at work...

Arg, I had this long entry, and then it got deleted because the text program I was using crashed. I made it to work today, and while it has proven to be a strain on my body, I am glad I came to work.

The weather this morning was AWFUL (snow/sleet/rain mix), so everyone came in late. This gave me room to hobble around and get coffee. Everyone who saw me gave me sympathy that seemed like they really cared, so I am assuming they did. Even my boss's boss's boss expressed regret he was not informed of my injury (he's always a nice guy), and thanked me for making it to work anyway. To add to this, my nasal sniffling and hoarse voice have made me look even more pathetic, and I haven't been bugged much, except to decomm a host, and try to decomm another (but it was postponed for 2 weeks). I got caught up on my mail, which was very nice.

I must have bronchitis. I have had it so many times before, it's like a familiar glove. My sinuses are swollen, I am coughing up dark things, my ears are itchy, and swallowing is getting difficult. It's deep in my lungs, whistling and rattling a lot. But I see a doctor today, hopefully he'll just prescribe antibiotics, and I'll be better for Katsucon.

I got some mail from my boss's boss that her little Girl in Green has delivered the crack I call "GSC." I now have 2 of each boxes of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and the new Double Dutch Chocolate. Normally, I don't have money on me, there's no most machine, and I don't carry the checkbook with me. But today, I had exactly the right amount, because I didn't spend much cash at Shmoocon.

A nice 2XL polo shirt was waiting for me. While I was laid up in bed, they had this "All Hands Meeting." I hate those, because they are like 5 hours of boring speeches about where the company is going and so on (which would be nice if they stuck to their goals or plans, but they change every few months, and they usually never directly affect me). They know people from our department "opt out" a lot under suspicious pretenses, like, "Oh, uh.. a very important server crashed... yeah, and we had to uh... fix it. Real bad. Now it's fine." So they try and bribe you with freebies, like free catered food or things like shirts or desk toys. If you don't go, well... sucks to be you. Well, our HR rep saved one for me, and in the correct size, too. It has the generic term, "Systems Operations" on it with the company logo on the sleeve.

We got a message that our department worked with Microsoft over the volumes of Hotmail spam our servers get. As a result, Hotmail, which was #1 in spam attempts, has dropped to #3, which means my server inboxes get 60% less mail. Yippie!!

My motor control issues have serious problems with using the cane. I have to mentally tell myself, "use the cane to support the bad foot." But once I start walking, the rhythm goes off, and the cane acts as a spastic third foot, alternately supporting the bad foot, the good foot, and randomly knocking into things. I feel like such a fool.

It sucks that this is the first Valentine's Day in YEARS that Christine and I haven't been bogged down with Katsucon stuff, and now I am sick and have a bum foot. I am taking her out to dinner anyway because, dammit, I am not letting the "Evil Gods That Try to Break Our Marriage" win!

She deserves better than me. :-\
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